Monday, October 21, 2013

Little Things

 Two little things....

I found 7-Eleven. Did you know their small coffee is $1? Did you also know they have flavored creamers, syrups, mini marshmallows, cappuccino mixes, steamed milk, pumpkin latte mix, and a variety of sweeteners. All of these are included with your $1 coffee.  Seriously. 7-Eleven just became my new coffee place.

Every day at dawn and twilight, thousands of birds commune at the intersection next to my gym. Thousands. They congregate on the power lines like the united avian nation. It's a beautiful reminder of God's creation, of the power and majesty of life. I look forward to seeing them, to watching their meetings and murmurations. They're beautiful.

That's all. Just two little things.

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