Saturday, October 26, 2013

Workouts, week of October 20th

Week five!!!

This week was all about trying new things - from workouts to overnight shifts to homemade hummus (recipe to come), I was all about newness this week.

Sunday and Monday were my late days, and I counted Sunday night as a workout since I helped tear down walls and unload shelves, fixturing, and pallets for the store's new campaign. Monday night was an overnight, so I worked from 9pm Monday night until 6am Tuesday morning (employing every means of caffeine/energy booster I could find). So Tuesday was a bust....I don't actually remember Tuesday, now that I think about it...

Wednesday I did one of my own workouts using Workout Labs, which, if you haven't used yet, you should check it out. Then I did sprint intervals for about 20 minutes.

Thursday I tried a Step class. It was not great. The instructor was kind of in her own world, sashaying and jumping and lunging to the beat of her own (very awkward) drum. I actually snuck out after about 15 minutes and did intervals on the treadmill until Spin class, which is now officially one of my favorite classes.

This morning I capped off the week with my first Zumba class. While I got a pretty good workout in, I also confirmed that I am, in fact, white. Very white. And tall. These two things do not add up to natural talent in Latino dance. In fact, I'm pretty sure I made up my own dance move that is somehow a half-shimmy, half-jumping jack. I don't think it's going to catch on anytime soon.

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